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As we continue to grow we have constantly reassessed the education program at Shalom Aleichem to handle the growing ranks of new students from our expanding membership.  We are fortunate to have a dedicated staff of educators that bring years of practical experience, organizational skills and new ideas to the table.   Capacity is limited to 30 students.

Hebrew School meets every other Sunday during the school year.  Instruction includes songs, prayers Hebrew, art projects and cultural discussions.  Special coaching for Bar and Bat Mitzvah classes is ongoing  based on expected readings.

The classes are organized as follows:

Aleph - School grades K - 1
Bet - School grades 2-3
Gimel - School Grades 4-5
Dalet - School Grades 6-8

We are investigating the needs for confirmation classes since most of our members remain active in the Synagogue and we are encouraging more education about our heritage.

What about Bar and Bat Mitzvah preparation?  We differ from some synagogues in a few good ways.  We are able to hold Bar and Bat Mitzvah ceremonies at almost any local location.  But it is the philosophy of this Synagogue to emphasize maturity and leadership in the Bar or Bat Mitzvah and that will typically include having students conduct substantially the entire service, rather than focusing on only the Torah of Haftorah portion.  We offer a 13 Mitzvot option (see link below) that builds personal knowledge about Judaism and culminates with the Bar/Bat Mitvah ceremony.   Instruction is directly from the Rabbi or Cantor.

Hebrew School Handbook - Click Here

Bar & Bat Mitzvah Guide - Click Here

13 Mitzvot Guide - Click Here

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