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Shalom Aleichem is a member recipient of funds from the Jewish Federation of Howard County


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High Holidays will be at Owen Brown Interfaith Center
7246 Cradlerock Way , Columbia MD 21045
See Calendar for Dates and Times
Please Complete Applicable Categories Below:

NON-MEMBERS  (not related to a member, price per person)
Amounts will be applied to full membership for the current year.

  Non-Member (not family of a member)




FAMILY GUESTS OF MEMBERS (sponsored by a member, suggested donation range per person and must not have been a member in the prior 24 months).  Members from past 24 months that are not now members are encouraged to make a meaningful donation to attend.

Sponsoring Family Name: ____________________________________________

  Adult Member Guest 21 and Over / Not in College


X $180-$360

  College Student Member Guest


X $36 - $50

  All Children of Member Guests Ages 4 - 21


X $36 - $50

  Children Under 4 (must be supervised)




Please pay in advance so as to not be conducting commerce on the High Holidays

Check, cash or credit card at the door or pay in advance by mail.
If you have financial needs, please contact treasurer@shalomaleichem.org

High Holidays Prayer Books are provided, but can be purchased for $28 each.

Comments/suggestions additional information can be written on the back of the form.

Please make payments by check to:
  Congregation Shalom Aleichem
  PO Box 1317, Columbia, MD 21044.

If you have any membership questions, please contact: Treasurer@shalomaleichem.org

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